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Website (Social & Games)
Join your friends on Meez every day for the hottest looks, music, videos, fashion and friends. Build your own room and DJ with friends sharing videos and sounds from YouTube, Hulu, and Soundcloud.
Meez Nation

Facebook App (Social)
Unleash your style on Facebook. Play Meez Nation on Facebook and share the best of Meez with your friends.
High Flyin' Free SkyDive

Android, iOS App (Game)
Take the plunge and rule the skies with your own high flyin' avatar! Use the unique powers of your flightsuit to navigate your way to a perfect bullseye. Play your way from a basic Flight Suit to the coveted Eagle Suit! SkyDiver features 3D environments, challenging physics-based gameplay, Meez avatars, and repeatable levels for hours of freefall fun. Life's great adventures often start with a leap so climb aboard!
Booty Diver Free

Android, iOS App (Game)
Scuba dive for sunken treasure! Recover gold, silver, artifacts and jewels from some of the richest waters and wrecks in the deep blue! Experience the zen of scuba, the intrigue of shipwrecks and the thrill of searching for sunken treasure. Booty Diver features a 3D undersea environment, hours of zen diving, plenty of replay value, and challenging resource management. Each of the 6 maps requires skill, logic, navigation and evasion tactics to mine the deep...
SwingShot Tee Off

Android, iOS App (Game)
Swinging never looked so good! Take out targets on luxury greens with touch swing perfection and powershots. Light up the skies AND your reputation with bulls-eyes! SwingShot features 3D environments, challenging physics-based gameplay, and repeatable levels for hours of swinging. Complete challenges throughout the game to earn in-game Coinz and Awards.
Meez Avatar Creator

iOS App (Game)
Unleash your style with the Meez Avatar Creator, the first animation-rich avatar creator from the most popular social virtual world online! Choose from millions of combinations to create custom styles or 'let it ride' with the random button. Assign avatars to your contacts and they will appear on the caller ID screen when someone calls you. Share your greatest creations by email or MMS, post to blogs or upload anywhere you can share photos.